Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Newbie Designer: Meet Shannon Kelleher

Made entirely from recycled materials!

Shannon Kelleher of Shannon Kelleher Designs is our neophyte designer having just created her label a month ago!  She is a student at OSU (originally from Xenia) and we are so excited to have her on-board with AFM this year!!
So far, her design aesthetic consists of simple silhouettes, bright colors, loud patterns but she's still working on defining herself and her style...come on she's just getting those creative juices flowing, folks!  She definitely wants to design for women who are comfortable in their own skin and who aren't looking for the run-of-the-mill, off-the-rack fashions. These pieces are for someone who WANTS to be SEEN!!!!

As a newbie to the fashion world, Shannon believes that she can bring a fresh eye to the game. She finds Inspiration from the internet, walks, dreams, you name it.  After seeing an ad for AFW 2013, she attended the show and that was all it took for her to make the decision to get involved in AFM this year as a designer and volunteer.

What current fashion trends do you wish would go away forever?
Crocs, or anything that looks like them.
If you could live in any fashion era, what would it be?
70’s hippie chic is my all time favorite era for inspiration. 
Who is your rock star/musician or artist muse?
Katy Perry!
What is your absolute go-to fashion accessory?
Statement necklaces, big and colorful.  I’ve been told I have a good neck for those lol.
What is your fav color combo?  What color would you like to see this spring?
Various blues and pinks. Green!

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~ Vicki Oster

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