Friday, April 25, 2014

Meet Our High Fashion Girl: Designer Janus Koziuk of Glamazonjayne

Janus Koziuk of Glamazonjayne (her alter ego!) attended last year's events and was so blown away and inspired that she just HAD to participate this year. She and Kelli Martin worked together at Rag-O-Rama (longer ago than both of them would want to admit, I am sure) and has followed her career ever since, supporting her whenever possible.

Roller Derby Bride

I wanted to participate in this year's event because it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime. I could not be more excited to share my own visions and see the work of my fellow local designers.  

Kim Webb Photographer

She's been obsessed with fashion since age 5 and began sewing professionally as soon as she could legally work. High fashion and avante garde are her game and she describes her customers as: Brides who are looking for something non-traditional for their special day. Musicians who want to stand out on stage. Drag queens and MC's who have a particular look in mind, Professional dancers, (ballroom, salsa, or even exotic) who want to make a statement. Pageant participants who need something to set them apart from other contestants.

So, can you even imagine what she'll come up with for the finale??

What fashion era would you like to be transported to?
I very much enjoy the formality of the early 1960's, especially the menswear! And I enjoy the volume of the dresses from the 1800's. BUT if I had to choose one, it would be the 1920's by a long shot. So much glamour and creativity. Oh and THE HATS!!

What is your fav fashion trend from the last 20 years?
Skinny jeans, love the skinny jeans. I also really appreciate the moving trend to wear color at your wedding. As an unconventional bridal designer, it is really good for business!
What is the most outrageous request for fashion that you have received? Custom work?
I once made pasties and matching panties out of candy for a stripper. Skittles (for color), jolly ranchers (for shine), and gumdrops (for texture)

Who is your favorite designer?
I love Valentino, because I am a formal dress gal, but Jody Krevens really stood out for me last year and inspired me to think outside of my comfort zone. My fellow local designers are all so talented and inspirational, I don't have to go far! Especially Kelli Martin. Her drive and effortless talent with dyes have always been a big motivation for me.

Musician, Steve Fox
Describe your fashion nightmare.
My fashion nightmare is looking like a middle aged Mom. Now, this is interesting, because I AM a middle aged mom, but the idea of dull cardigan twin set and khakis with a pair of Keds, makes me really sad and depressed! Nearly equally difficult to tolerate are the Ugg boots and Northface jackets that I see all over campus. Both of these looks scream conformity into the masses! Like, this is what normal people wear, and if you want to fit in and be normal, you better wear Ugg boots and Northface jackets until you reach 35, and then twin sets and khakis until you DIE!! IT"S NOT TRUE PEOPLE!! You can wear whatever the hell you want!! Even if it is not my own personal aesthetic, it is better than the default. Putting absolutely no thought into what you wear is my fashion nightmare.

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~ Vicki Oster

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