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Meet Amee BellWanzo: AFM Marketing Director and Event Planner

Photo by Matt Reece

Amee BellWanzo is the Mob's Marketing Director and Event Planner, around for all of the AFM/AFW brainstorming sessions at kitchen tables and in living rooms. Here's how she explains the chain of events that got her involved:

I am a rock musician, who started a charity called Columbus Rocks the Cure (CRTC), which stages rock shows to raise money to buy gas cards for cancer fighters in need. I thought it would be really rad to add a fashion component to the rock shows, which led me into a conversation with Kelli Martin at her ComFest booth about showing a design collection... she helped me add a little fashion to all the rock at CRTC, and it was AWESOME... 

It seemed only natural, once they had worked together and Kelli saw what an awesome event planner Amee was, that she would recruit her for AFW.

Columbus Alive People to Watch Photo Shoot
Photo by Meghan Ralston

Along with pal, Kelli Martin, Amee was named one of Columbus Alive’s 2013 People to Watch! But most importantly, she JUST passed her 6-years-cancer-free mark -- Holy Moly! As a breast cancer survivor diagnosed at a very young age, she is happy to have come through the battle with flying colors, and is proud to use her experience to help others through CRTC. BECAUSE CANCER SUCKS!

Amee loves her day job in marketing at  Sudden Impact Marketing (a small local agency). Years of experience in this field have helped her do her part to execute AFM shows and events AND doing AFM events gives her a ton of experience to use at her job so it's a win-win situation for her. 

But her other love is making rock music, most recently with bands Black Eyed Betty and Trachete. Being passionate about fashion and rock music seems to go hand-in-hand for her because they’re both important forms of creative expression. 

The more creative activities I can participate in, the more inspired I feel all the time!

In addition to AFM/AFW, she's REALLY excited that her super-rockin all-female band, Trachete, will be melting some faces during Alternative Fashion Week at the Face Melting for Fashion rock show! They’ve been busy, busy, busy  shopping online for killer outfits, and viewing inspiration boards from AFM's awesome stylist, Ashley Wills! Amee won't spoil the surprise, but says they might be taking some inspiration from the original Queens of Noise. Piquing curiosity, I'd say!

Rockin' a Kelli Martin original! and styled by Rendevouz Salon
Kelli Martin Photographer

What current trend do you love? What trend do you wish would go away? What trend do you hate yourself for loving?
In order of above: I heart pantsuits, old rock t-shirts, and fringe (but not necessarily together). I wish Ugg boots and Crocs had never been invented. I kinda hate myself for loving cat eyes so much because I’m really bad at putting on liquid liner and it takes me an extra 10 minutes every morning. Yet I can’t stop myself!

We Are Glitterati Photo Booth at AFW 2013

What style describes you as a kid?
Umm… oblivious. Total tomboy.

What rockstar is your fashion spirit animal? (Or fashion muse)
Alison Mosshart. I have a girl crush. And Gwen Stefani. I’ve always loved her. Although those two lady rockers couldn’t be more different – which is kind of funny. I’m also kind of obsessed with Deap Valley right now. I guess I like a little variety in my life!

With hubby, Chris Bell
Frank Tuttle Photo Exhibit
Cancer Survivors, Fighters and Supporters

What's your favorite fashion era?
Right now, I’m really digging the ‘70s! But like, the rock & roll ‘70s with the leather and the fringe – not the gold lamé-clad disco ‘70s. (Although I’m not going to totally hate on gold lamé. I may have a kick ass crop jacket fitting that description…)

~~Vicki Oster

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