Thursday, March 20, 2014

We've Flipped for Phlipped Fashions: Meet Jennifer Felizardo

Phlipped Fashions, brainchild of designer Jennifer Felizardo, is a clothing line dedicated to the girl in her late 20's to early 30's who likes to be fashionable but doesn't want to look like everyone else. "She is all about being ahead of the trends and looking her best," says Jennifer. A 2012 graduate of the Art Institute of York, PA, with a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion and Retail Management, she developed this fashion line 2 years ago. Her love for fashion started when she was a little girl who created doll clothes from mismatched socks. Then at age 14, she was given a sewing machine and she has been sewing ever since!

Born and raised in a little burg outside of West Chester PA (West Grove), Jen moved to Columbus last August when her future brother- and sister-in-law insisted it was huge into fashion. Doubting that to be a reality, she researched and found that we are the THIRD largest fashion city in the US!!!! Holla! At that point, she was convinced that if she wanted to take Phlipped Fashions to the next level, she better "Go West, young... lady!"

While still working on her undergrad degree, she used her passion for revamping gently-used and second-hand clothes into unique, one of a kind styles... and flip, Phlipped Fashions and her design aesthetic were born! Jennifer tells us:
The reason I started Phlipped Fashions stems back to when I was a child. I was the middle child of five. Parents and older sisters came to America from Africa and we didn't have a whole lot. I got a lot of hand-me-downs which where never in season. So I began to take them apart and make them into things that were in season. I didn't really think that I could make a career out of that until I spoke with a designer names Michael Tull, based in Lancaster, PA. He said "Fashion is everything. If you buy something like a tee shirt and add some glitter and a pocket, that's fashion. You've created something that no one else has thought of." That had me thinking of all the things over the years I have reconstructed; realizing that I can make my passion into a career and doing reconstruction doesn't make me any less of a designer than the person next to me!!! 

Besides that, she likes being her own boss while using recycled materials to produce fashion-forward items as an integral part of her philosophy for life, and doing her part to create a greener America.

When doing some serious stalking on social media after moving to Columbus, Jen came across the AFM and liked us on Facebook. When we posted a call for designers wishing to participate in AFW 2014, she thought, "It won't hurt to try! Why not?" and here she is!

What's Jennifer's favorite inspiration? Music, she says: 
Put on my favorite song, dance around my house and start cutting fabric! The rest is history! People who indicate that she can't succeed are also inspirational because she doesn't like being told that she can't do something that is not the norm. It pushes her to prove them wrong...Yeah, I can do this, watch me!

Going with her gut is how she creates with what she says is a "cut first, ask questions later" kind of attitude. So far, it looks like this process has worked for her.

Not having a Columbus following because she is the new girl in town weighs on Jennifer a little, but hasn't stood in her way. She views Alternative Fashion Week as her introduction to the Columbus fashion scene and as something that will help her push her line forward. We're excited to give her that opportunity and to be featuring her spring line in AFW 2014 ~can't wait to see her design star rise!

Jen's fashions are available for purchase
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~ Vicki Oster

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