Thursday, March 6, 2014

Face Melting for Fashion: 3 Rockstars' Style to Steal

As a designer and a stylist, I am constantly getting fashion inspiration from music. Really, for me, the line between the two almost doesn't even exist- I hear a song and picture a look or I think of a style and instantly put a soundtrack to it in my head. And don't even get me started on music videos, which are basically a giant inspiration explosion in my head.

That's why I was so excited to be included as one of the stylists in this year's Face Melting For Fashion! What the heck is this, you ask? Well, it's a collaborative event that's part of Alternative Fashion Week and it teams up local stylists, photographers, and bands for an awesome merging of music and fashion. The stylists get the opportunity to style the bands for a photo shoot and a live concert, where the photos will be revealed. And when I tell you I'm pumped for this event, it's an understatement. I. Am. Puuuumped!

So, with all that excitement in my head, I decided for this post I wanted to focus on the fashion/music connection by putting together some looks inspired by some of my favorite front women in rock music! And because I fully believe that fashion doesn't have to be expensive, everything you see on this post is under $100!

First up is Karen O, the amazing and one-of-a-kind lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, who, with the help of her designer friend, Christian Joy, has become a major fashion icon over the years. Her style can be a little hard to pin down: a little mod darling, some Rainbow Brite, and a whole lotta Elton John. But basically you're looking for a lot of print (like the matchy-matchy top and pants), embellishments (like the studded jacket), and whimsy (like the manicure earrings and statement shades).

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And next is another one of my favorite style stars, Grace Potter, who is the soulful lead singer (and multi-insturmentalist) of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Her look is bohemian and sultry with lots of leg. 

Last up is Lizzy Paplinger, the female half of my current favorite band, MS MR. Lizzy's style is bright, funky, and so-totally-90s. If tight and cropped is your thing, this is the style for you!

So I hope these lovely songtresses gave you some inspiration for amping up your wardrobe. And if the looks above aren't your thing, don't sweat it! If we can learn anything from these style stars, it's to be who you are and wear whatever you want! 

See you all at Face Melting for Fashion at King Avenue 5 on Friday, April 25!
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  1. Perfect outfit for today. :) Thanks for sharing these.