Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Finding Your Inspiration.

My beloved readers: I have writer's block. 

After much thought, I have decided that I'd like to blame the weather, as it was a glowing 60 degree day yesterday, and now it's 30 and raining, hailing, and snowing all at once. It's hard to feel inspired when I've gone from daydreaming about silk maxi dresses and summer festivals, to being hit in the eye with a lone snowflake, surely sent from a frozen hell. 

Now, naturally it was time to sit down and write a blog entry, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't think of anything to say that wasn't weather related. I could have written a four page tangent on the bipolar habits of seasons in the Midwest, or about my hatred for driving in the winter, but I decided that might be a tad inappropriate. I remembered learning that a useful way to get over writer's block was to write down everything that came to mind, regardless of if it was completely nonsense, or total crap. I went through with that exercise and wrote everything down: 

"My name is Brianne. I need to be writing a blog entry, but all I can think about is this nasty, ugly weather. Ugly sweaters. Ugly sweaters to keep out the ugly, ugly cold..."

At the end of an exhausted seven-hundred word document that contained nothing but psychobabble, I gave up on my journey to develop something cohesive. I put aside all thoughts of what I wanted to write about, what my topic should be, and I moved on. I tried to get inspired little by little throughout the day, but it just wasn't working.

Eventually it was time to set my laptop aside and begin getting ready to go out with my friends. Unfortunately, when I started to look for something to wear, I realized that my writer's block had extended into my closet. No matter what I looked at, I couldn't get in the mood to put it on, or accessorize it, or to pair my hair and makeup to the total look. Frustrated and officially running late, I decided to try the same method that I'd used earlier for the blog. I put on anything that seemed like it might go together, combinations that I would have never normally tried, and I just kept going. The result was forty-minutes of a tornado speed closet spree, and an overall look that left me satisfied.

Immediately after getting dressed, my inspiration was sparked and I came alive with entry ideas aplenty. I quickly learned that inspiration for something unique isn't always so easily found, even for people who are naturally creative. Sometimes you have to take an unconventional journey in order to find the things that inspire you the most. Whether it's an English writing method, a drive through snowy fields, or even just hanging out with your girlfriends over dinner: Inspiration is waiting for you somewhere.

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