Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Ashley Arend- AFM Social Media Manager

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Ashley Arend got involved with AFM/AFW because Amee BellWanzo invited her to join the group, as she needed help with maintaining the website and social media outlets.  Knowing that Ashley wrote a blog, Amee thought this would be something right up her friend's alley!  Because Ashley knew a little bit about AFM and believed in what they were doing, she agreed to step up. Of course there was the perk of getting to spend more time with Amee!  A year later, she is certain that she has no regrets and is proud to call herself a “mobster.”
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Betsy Stevenson, designer

Being a Columbus native (graduating from Upper Arlington), Ashley believed that there was a need and possibly unrealized desire for something like the AFM in Columbus. She felt that she was a representative of their target market, which included people who find fashion intimidating ...too expensive, not knowing what is on trend and don't know how to sew. Ashley believes that AFM can help anyone feel more comfortable with all of this and more!  She has learned how to create an affordable style, which she admits is a work in progress, rather than having no style at all!  Although she still doesn't know how to sew or create her own clothing, she has become an AFM model, getting the opportunity to show off local designs.

Jennifer Tonapi, Photographer

Ashley is inspired by anyone who works daily to improve themselves, both spiritually and physically, as well as those that are willing to work to make Columbus a better place to thrive. Because she never wants to become stagnant in her personal growth, she surrounds herself with those who are continuously growing and improving.  This is pretty evident in her own background having obtained an undergraduate degree in Commercial Photography at Ohio University. However, she chose to go in a very different direction after graduation, getting her teaching license from Ashland University. During her four years of teaching high school language arts, she also obtained her master's in education.  I'd say she definitely is not stagnant!

Sen Bai, photographer
Aaron James, designer

Ashley’s role with AFM is Social Media Manager.  She loves this job because it has allowed her to meet and work with many amazing and interesting people. Since our culture is obsessed  with social media, for better or worse, she realizes that her job is imperative for the AFM's survival. Above all else, Ashley realizes that she couldn't do this job without the support of her other AFM Mobsters.

Selfie by Ashley

~Vicki Oster

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