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Meet Our Darling, Crys Darling of Label Yourself Fashions

This Darling lady unfortunately cannot join us for the AFW Finale (boo-hiss) this year (she was one of our designers in 2013), but, lucky for us, she will be hosting our Reconstruct Your Luck event on April 24th at Seventh Son Brewery for oohs and aaahs and a little friendly competition!

Crys Darling of Label Yourself Fashions grew up wearing hand-me-downs and donated clothing from the Salvation Army, but luckily her grandmother taught her how to sew to make them look more modern and fashionable. Little did they know this would eventually lead to Crys becoming a self-taught eco-fashion designer nearly 6 years ago in May. Happy almost Birthday!

Brianne Jeanette, model

When asked to describe her design aesthetic she was quick to say:
My design aesthetic is inspired by late 50's/early 60's fashion. I design vintage-inspired pin-up and rockabilly fashions for the modern day woman. I design for everyone woman no matter her size or style. My fashion line is about inspiring woman to express their true beauty through their own sense of style and not artificial industry standards.

She begins by finding vintage fashions that need some extra TLC then turns them into modern wearable art by dying, hand-painting and mending them.  

 Models: Miriam Musa and Tierra Jacobs

Last year her adorably unique fashions combined sweets and fashion into an AFW collection that was unbelievebly scrumptious. She also collaborated with milliner and wine maker Paolo Rosi to feature amazing dessert hats. 

I participated in the finale show last year and was extremely happy that the Alternative Fashion Mob allowed designers to express themselves through their runway fashion shows from choosing their own music and models to creating the looks that best showcased their line. It was truly one of the best fashion shows I have had the honor of doing.  

Model: Trulie Scrumptious
Good Day Columbus footage

Her most recent HighBall fashion show costume came from a dream of designing a reverse hoop skirt to create the look of a cupcake liner. With the help of her dear friend and partner, Sarah K, she turned that dream into a cupcake dress...YUM!  'It was challenging but worth the time, thought and effort.'  And, of course, she'll be gearing up for another fantastical costume for this year's High Ball before too long!

As if that isn't enough, she is soon going to realize a lifelong dream of becoming a motivational speaker!!  Starting this May, she will be speaking to young adults (in the school setting) about the concepts of true beauty and eco-fashions. Those kids are in for a real treat- I wish I was in high school again! :)

What rock star's fashions do you love or hate?

I love any artist that is not afraid to express their personal style through fashion. My personal favorite is Jack White's later fashions inspired by the 40's and early 50's. I love to see a man wear button downs, slacks, vests and dress shoes. It is so classy and sexy.  
 posing with Major Michael Coleman after our HighBall Runway show 2013

What is your fashion nightmare?

Someone wearing the same thing I am wearing, which is nearly impossible since I paint original art on the majority of my clothing.  

What is your favorite fashion decade? Why?

My favorite fashion decades are late 50's early 60's because there was a sense of dressing up and an innocence with that particular time. Plus I'm a sucker for ladies gloves and red lips.

Model: Tierra Jacobs

What accessory can you not live without?

My necklace that I wear everyday that has three special charms. My grandmother's wedding ring, a cupcake given to me by my model, Trulie Scrumptious, and a heart and key charm given to me by my first model, Miriam Musa.  

If you could live in any era based on fashion, what would it be?
The late 50's. Did I mention that I adore ladies gloves and red lips? Tee-hee. :)

                        Photographer, Art Cat 
                        Model: Quiana Tenise
What sets you apart from other designers?
Wow!  This is a big one. My fashion line is not only about redesigning vintage fashion but creating wearable art. Each piece is hand-painted by me and every piece is one of a kind.  I also like to incorporate performance art in my fashion shows because my pieces are wearable art. My fashion line is also about expressing who you are as an individual and not by industry standards. 

Throughout the year, Crys sells her fashions on Etsy and at community festivals such as Comfest and Hot Times, but the majority of her pieces are custom made for clients. She has also happy to say that she has been featured in 614, The Columbus Alive, Short North Gazette and several online publications.  

 Contact info for readers:
           Label Yourself is currently revamping their website but readers can find Crys at:

~ Vicki Oster

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