Friday, July 18, 2014

Home Decorating... With a twist!

I've been busy trying to get all of my (many, many) things all packed up and ready to move into my new apartment, and it has been crazy. I accidentally packed all of my clothes (so I am now living out of a suitcase), I misplaced my computer for several hours, and somehow managed to pack one of every shoe so that I have no single pair to wear. UGH. Plus, I didn't know that I owned this much stuff! It never ends!

Anyway, to pull myself out of the stressful, panicked, and worrisome mind frame of moving, I've been de-stressing by window shopping for the new apartment. It's been really fun finding elegant and alternative ways to style a room to fit your personality, and so I thought I'd share my favorite things.

First up is this skull planter from Mudpuppy, which I am completely in love with. I'm a really big fan of having plants in the home, and finding creative ways of displaying them can be ridiculously fun. Plus, I like that this particular planter could really go with any style: punk, goth, soccer mom... Okay, maybe not soccer mom.

Next is this Rococo style vanity/dressing table, which is so pretty (and inexpensive), that I have been having to speed scroll past it so that I don't buy it immediately. It's totally okay to have three vanities in your home, right? RIGHT?

Then there's this beauty, which I kind of want a million of so that I can one in every room of the house. And maybe outside, too. I especially love that this is also subtle and isn't too gaudy, and could fit into different styles of living and taste. It's just so pretty!

And these neat little steampunk votives are adorable, and again can go with any style. I really love that they're all different shapes and sizes, and could go anywhere in the home. I want a million of these, too. Clearly I'm having a bit of a problem with portion control.

Now, I have literally had this pipe bookshelf on my wishlist for YEARS, and every time I move I completely forget that I want to put something like this somewhere in my new apartment. I haven't forgotten this time, though, especially after learning that you can use this same set up to display heels, too. My walls are officially a goner.

And speaking of things I've wanted for a long time... Printed plates are some of my favorite things to look at, and personally I can't wait to own my own set sometime soon. The thing I love about these plates in particular is their use of flowers with the skulls, playing the skulls down a little, and making it a little more fancy and a little less cheesy. There are tons of different serving-ware you can choose from, from cups, utensils, plates, and more. I've had my eye on so many that I may just have to forsake normal plates altogether, and sell my kidneys to get them all. They're just so lovely!

And for the sake of not having this entry be a mile long, I'll leave you with this lovely little jewel. I literally want everything that Polopuentearanda has to offer. I mean. Seriously. Looking at it makes me feel as if I died and went to steampunk heaven. 

Anyway, wish me luck on the move! If you have any links or images of little knick-knacks, furniture, or decorating blogs that you especially love, send them my way! I looooooove looking at home decor, and could do it all day long if I could. 

Hope you're enjoying your week!

-Brianne Jeanette. 

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