Monday, June 30, 2014

Red hot pro-tips for your own looks, inspired by Alternative Fashion Week 2014 runway looks

The Finale Runway show of Alternative Fashion Week 2014 was nothing short of extraordinary. It featured 18 original designers and their over the top imaginative works of art. From clothes to shoes, hair and makeup, the Finale show was not only alternative but EVERYTHING in between. In my opinion, Fashion = Inspiration. Fashion IS inspired by everything and fashion CAN inspire anything. This show was no exception. 

Here are my picks for accessories inspired by some of my favorite looks from the Alternative Fashion Week Finale Runway Show 2014. Not only are they fun and adorable, but budget-friendly!

I love this AFW runway look from Oliver P. Zhang because of the color blocking. This bold orange paired with pink is the perfect summer color combination!

(photo = Sen Bai; fashion = Olver P. Zhang (by Peng Zhang)

Now here's the inspiration for your own summer looks:

(From left to right: Handmade, hand painted, wooden color block (TopazandOpal) for only $25.00. Coach boyfriend watch, $148.00. Dolce & Gabbana 100% silk scarf, $39.99. Dee Platform Wedge- $88.00.)

The neon yellow of this look, also from Oliver P. Zhang, is one of those colors that's always sure to turn heads.

(photo = Sen Bai; fashion = Olver P. Zhang (by Peng Zhang)

Here are some ways to incorporate this electric hue into your daily fashion:
Clockwise from top left: Flora Lime Hard case clutch,, $38.75; Ophra neon yellow bag, , $26.98; Orly yellow nail lacquer (GLOWSTICK), , $8.50; Stone fragment statement necklace, , $24.99

Anything MINT is just meant to be in my closet, like this flirty lingerie from Isolda Couture.

(photo = Sen Bai; fashion = Isolda Couture by Isolda Marie Meade)

Here are some minty pieces to freshen up your summer wardrobe:

(Clockwise from top left: Chevron canvas beach bag,, $30.00mint green seersucker bowtie, (LaurenPerkin), $36.00; iPhone case by Rikki Knight,, $7.99)

The power of the flower is real this season. Recognize it!

(photo = Sen Bai; fashion = Elizabeth Ashleigh Designs by Betsy Stevenson)

Here are some flowery ways to power up your wardrobe:

(Clockwise from top left: Floral print stretch headband, www.shopellamadison.comFloral print Fedora, , $7.50; $30.00; Kate Spade New York reversible belt,, $88.20; Center: Floral print block heel sandals w/ankle strap (CADAUDDA), , $80.00)

I hope this inspires you for some of your potential summer looks. It sure inspired me!

                                                   Until next time, STAY FASHIONABLE!

                                                         ~The Fashion Wordsmith


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