Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet the Mob: Style Director, Jefferey Steele

Matt Resse, photographer
Jefferey Steele is another of the founding Alternative Fashion Mob members.  Originally, he met designer Kelli Martin through a co-worker when the salon he was working for did hair and make-up for a runway show at her store, Black Market, a few years ago. They kept in touch, with Jeff doing hair and make-up whenever she had a runway show. Coincidentally, they were having a meeting about another project when she mentioned that she wanted to start her own fashion week. "I thought it was an amazing idea and needed to be a part of it. Alternative Fashion Mob (AFM) was officially started in November 2012.He came on-board with AFM with his role being Style Director.  His responsibilities include coordinating all hair and make-up for events as well as photo shoots. He also finds models for the designers and for any "flashion mobs" that may occur. Finding photographers for various shoots as well as making sure that they are present at all events to document the "fabulosity" of the AFM is another of his reported duties.

Matt Resse, Photographer

Jeff has been in the hair business for 20 years, since attending Nationwide Beauty Academy. Currently, he works four days a week doing hair and make-up at CutNBlow Hair Salon On North High. Some of his favorite advice for working the in the beauty and fashion industries:
"...if you want to be successful in the hair, make-up, and/or fashion business, you need to treat your peers and co-workers the same way you would like to be treated. Nobody has time for attitudes."
Elina Khachaturyan, Photographer
Troy Mueller, Photographer

In addition, he is a self-taught fashion designer out of necessity. Jeff says, "When I started making garments, it was because I was doing photo shoots of my own concept and needed certain things. I knew no designers at the time so I just started making things myself." He is excited to be showing his very first collection at the 2014 Alternative Fashion Week Grand Finale Runway Show. More than anything, he just likes to create things and gets inspiration from random daily events and things he observes, both small and large.

In addition to all of his work with AFM and his day job, he has several events in the works. He worked on a photo shoot, providing hair, make-up, and fashion styling recently with Photographer Troy Mueller that will be displayed at Substance Boutique in the Short North for April's Gallery Hop. He will also have a private reviewing of his collection from AFW 2014  at the June Gallery Hop in CutNBlow Salon; unveiling the photos from the collection shot as well as a 2-3 minute movie based on the collection. As if that isn't enough, this summer he will be working on a 12-photo series concept with Photographer Matt Reese. After being approached by Matt, he jumped at the chance because they have worked together for years and he loved the proposed concept. No more can be said at this time but all will be revealed in the fall!
Elina Khachaturyan, photographer

Contact info for readers:
You can check out some of Jeff's portfolio on his Facebook page.
Or stop in and see him at CutNBlow Hair Salon for your own styling needs!
1244 North High St Columbus, Ohio 43201

Written by Vicki Oster

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