Thursday, January 30, 2014

Puttin' on the Ritz: Behind the Scenes with an AFM Model

Call it fate. Call it coincidence. I consider it no small matter that I found myself dressed to the nines in Daisy Buchanan fashion two Sundays ago, mere hours after watching Baz Luhrmann's movie masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. Seeing Carey Mulligan flit from one decadent outfit to another was nothing short of spectacular, but by the time the credits were rolling and I'd drained my champagne glass, I was ready to don some sparkles of my own.

I couldn't have foreseen that my photo shoot the next day would indulge this very craving. The roaring Twenties were all too apparent in Rox + Royalty's latest collection, Modern Gatbsy. Coupled with a fair dose of flapper-approved sequins, fur, and beading, Rox + Royalty's newest pieces also incorporate the studs, spikes and fun-loving vibe that has become the line's edgy signature.

The creation of Annie Weihrauch, Rox + Royalty is a staple in the Columbus fashion scene. Awarded the grand prize at HighBall 2013, the citywide Halloween bonanza, Annie further cemented herself as one of the Capital city's most exciting designers. Her plans for 2014 are just as thrilling. On February 6th, Rox + Royalty will show at New York Fashion Week – an experience coveted by most any clothing designer.

The photo shoot that ensued for Rox + Royalty's NYFW lookbook was a fabulous fusion of bad-ass grandeur. Reporting for hair and makeup, I was promptly transformed by stylist Marissa Bender with a wavy, slicked-down 'do to compliment my pixie cut. Smoky eyes, rouged cheeks, and maroon lips were next on Marissa's list. From the salon, I toted by model bag and my high spirits to the studio, where I was greeted with an energetic Annie putting the finishing touches on her marvelous pieces.

Under a mass of fabric and hardware, amid glitter, tulle, and chains, I spied fashion glory – a floor length gown with a white bustier bodice, its seams outlined in silver beads to mimic the chrome hued sequins of the cutaway skirt. With so many pieces to outfit us models, I could only hope I'd be chosen for that heavenly creation! It was with much enthusiasm that I skipped to the dressing room a few minutes later after Annie dubbed me the Daisy of the shoot.

I emerged with a huge smile, strapped on a killer pair of heels and bent down as I was adorned with yet more Jazz Age finery. That's right! Rox + Royalty's wears also extend into jewelry and accessories! The feather headband and chunky necklace were just the glitz I needed to complete my look.

Anita (left) and I on set!

Gatsby girls.

As I took in the rest of the room, I realized I wasn't the only model feeling the glamor that day. Everywhere I turned, the other girls were just as entranced with their looks as I was with mine. Taking to the camera, the rapid succession of clicks was accompanied by my unstoppable ponderings. How fabulous would it have been to live in a time when life was about making a statement, whether at teatime or at the city's most exclusive party?

I consider myself lucky to have glimpsed this awesome merger of historically lavish aesthetic made modern. The Lookbook had proven to be a complete success thanks to the grand designs of Rox + Royalty's reigning queen, Annie. Visit the the Rox + Royalty site today get a dose of twinkling Twenties style with that irresistible sass.

Best of luck at NYFW, Annie! In true Rox + Royalty style, we know you'll show 'em who's boss. This debutante is honored to be a part of your journey.

Here is the fabulous result of the shoot, and a peak at Annie's line. 

Photos by Dalong Yang

- Michaela Neu
Model and Alt Fashion Blogger

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