Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Merry F-in’ Christmas: Here’s your event recap

Now that the last of the eggnog is drunk (or is that just us?), the bad presents are returned, and the good presents have been debuted as part of our wardrobes, we’re looking back fondly on the Black Friday Fashion Fest that kicked off the 2013 holiday season. The Alternative Fashion Mob hosted the Black Friday Fashion Fest at an awesome warehouse on Pearl Street, and it was a friggin' blast! Even with the cold weather (and a cold space!) they not only had a great turn out during both days, but the felting work shop, hot chocolate bar, and gift wrapping station were all hits that left everyone pretty jazzed for the holiday season.

Now as a customer of the event, I have to say that the set up and execution was fantastic. All of the vendors were independent artists with one-of-a-kind pieces that you can't really get anywhere else, and their booths looked amazing. I'm pretty sure that I spent a good 15-20 minutes at each table staring in awe at all of the different things they each offered, which did present a small problem when trying to make a final decision of my purchase. Couldn't I just buy everything?! Seriously though, look at these:

We ended up getting my boyfriend's sister a pair of earrings before I had decided that I just wanted to buy everything else for myself. Honestly, my Christmas list was modest before we went, and afterwards it just went on and on and on.... Trust and believe that I included everything on my birthday wish list too.


Anyway, we got a cute polka dotted bag to put the earrings in and attached a 'Merry Fucking Christmas' gift tag to it and we were set to go. The little gift wrapping station was seriously awesome, and clever, and we had fun putting our little gift together. All in all it was such a treat that really jump started our holiday season. I wish I could take any of the credit for the success of the Fashion Fest but alas, I can only credit Alternative Fashion Mob for making me want everything that Columbus artists have to offer.

(Image Credit: Alternative Fashion Mob's Facebook)

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